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Isolation of molecular markers for life cycle and sex locus and experimental information about the regulation of the Ectocarpus life cycle

1 Preparation Preparatory meeting reports and project outlines
2 Bilateral
Preparatory meeting reports and project outlines
3 Partnership
Final project proposal and consortium agreement
4 WP1 Website (intranet)
5 WP1 WP1 progress reports
6 WP1 Plenary Marinexus meetings
7 WP1 PIC meetings
8 WP1 Financial audits
9 WP2 Reports on the measures and results from observatories
10 WP2 Reports on the results issued from the CPR and ferry box
11 WP2 Internet database (cryobanks, culture collections)
12 WP2 Publication comparing the stations from the two sides of the Channel
13 WP2 Best practises guidelines
14 WP2 Report on the bilateral exchange programme for scientific staff between Roscoff and Plymouth
15 WP2 Report on the characterisation of the existing cultures of the macroalga Ectocarpus
16 WP2 Report on the identification of the local stakeholders in biotechnologies
17 WP2 Web portal gathering the data from the Roscoff and Plymouth offshore bouys.
18 WP3 Compilation of data on human impacts on species distributions
19 WP3 List of specimens collected and visual resources generated
20 WP3 Compilation of data on demography, reproductive status and ecological impacts of major non-native species
21 WP3 Compilation of data from molecular studies
22 WP4  Isolation of molecular markers for life cycle and sex locus and experimental information about the regulation of the Ectocarpus life cycle
23 WP4 Response and resiliance of macroalgae to stress using genomic and physiological approaches
24 WP4 Phylogeny, morphology and genetic diversity of coccolithophore populations
25 WP5 Film/DVD   Videos, reports
26 WP5 Guide for the scientific outreach mediator 
27 WP5 Conferences (general public, seminars-debates…) including broadcasting on internet
28 WP5 Films, interviews
29 WP5 Media releases including newspaper articles,
media releases and information on the website
30 WP5 Deliverables associated with the work with children and schoolchildren
(public events, science club project reports, documentation of the use
of the exhibition bus and immersion dome and of art exhibition, workshops on board the ferry, etc)
31 WP5 Yearly reports
32 WP5 Controversy exploratory workshops
33 WP5 Creation and use of official texts and logos (kakemonos, corporate tools, workshop sheets, leaflets, guides, etc.)
34 WP5 Website
35 WP5 Additional events and actions
36 Administrative
and financial
Financial audit
37 Administrative
and financial
Final report





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