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Mechanisms of ecosystem change in the Western Channel

For stakeholders and citizens

‘Exploring Controversial Issues’ seminars

The ‘Exploring Controversial Issues’ seminars (SEC) are to invite a group of adult citizens to explore a scientific issue that has social repercussions using rigorous methods to report the pros and cons of the issue. Their conclusions will be published and used to feed the public debate.

The SEC is first and foremost a working group (4 to 6 people) that addresses a scientific issue that is polemical or under debate. An investigation will be conducted by each group using two main approaches: information search via the Internet and consultation with knowledgeable people, scientists and/or, technicians. The investigation is organised through group meetings, representing some 15 hours of collective work… The group is guided by a scientist. In parallel to this investigative work, each group critiques its own methodology, discusses the difficulties encountered and considers any reorientations that may be necessary. The investigated issue is presented as a brief fact sheet drafted either by the group itself or by the scientists involved in the project. The investigation of each group is presented to the general public and highlights what has been learnt during the investigation.

The first SEC will be organised early 2011 on the topic of ecological services and is intended for citizens, elected officials, professionals from the marine sector or members of associations, etc.

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